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Now that you’ve claimed your Google Places business listing, enhance it to stand apart from competitors.  Google Places makes it simple with following opportunities –

1. Images – Images can tell a great story about your business.  Show users your products, team, location, what makes you better than competitors.  You can have a total of up to 10 images to your business listing.

2. Video – Beyond images, really show what makes your enterprise special with video.  Google makes this very simple.  Just enter the URL of you YouTube video (it must be YouTube) into the designated field.  Up to 5 videos are allowed per listing.

3. Coupons – Google Places coupons are a great way to share new specials and discounts with users.  If you have multiple businesses or business locations, you can create a unique coupon for each listing.

4. Mobile Coupons – When users search for businesses from their mobile phones, they’ll see your Google Places coupon their phone. Then they can show you the coupon on the screen of their mobile device, without having to print it out.

5. Place Posts These posts are recent updates you share with users on your listing.  These 160 character posts allow you to share a short update or special with users.

6. Respond to Reviews – As a verified Google Places business owner, you can publicly respond to reviews posted directly on Google in the “Reviews by Google users” section on the Place page.  Engaging with the people who give you feedback can be a good way to get to know your customers and what they think about your business.

7. Add a Menu – Restaurants are able to add a link to their online menu.

8. Paid Advertising Tags – Tags are paid (around $25) yellow advertising markers that allow business owners to promote important aspects of their businesses.  When users scroll over Tags on Google or click on the sponsored link they can view coupons, photos, or other select features.  Tags do not affect search result rankings; they simply add more information to a Google Places listing when it appears in search results.Сайт знаком