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With the year wrapping-up there’s a lot for a business to manage and think about when looking forward to the next year.

Evolving Interactive challenges you to bring digital marketing front and center and integrate it fully into your marketing mix.  Remember consumers don’t think about your online marketing, your print campaign and your in-store promotion as separate– they merely perceive them as being different facets of your company.  Plus, don’t forget, in many instances a customer’s first interaction with a brand or company is online.

So what are the basics that you need to address?  We’ve created a simple list to help –


You have one, right?  If not, stop reading this and get one now!  In today’s business marketplace, there is simply no justifiable reason to go without a website.  Your business website acts as the cornerstone for your company’s online marketing.

Web Analytics

If you are not using analytics to measure the activity on your website, stop everything and install a web analytics program today.  An easy (and free) way to do this is by using Google Analytics.


Optimize your site or hire someone to do it, so that you can capture prospects precisely at the time that they are looking for services or products such as yours.  This is worth the time, effort, and expense because it makes your company website a more powerful marketing tool.

Paid Search Marketing

Complementary to SEO, test a Paid Search campaign.  Test different ad copy and keyword to serve-up your business when prospects are searching products and services you offer.

Get Local – Get Listed

If you are a local business, it behooves you to get listed in a multitude of online directories. For example, use Yelp, Google Local Business Center and Bing Local Listing Center.

Get Social

Socialize with your audience. Identify the most relevant social sites for your business, and then get involved. This might mean Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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