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You may have heard the term PPC, also known as Pay Per Click, used by digital marketers.  But what is it, and what is its advantages?  We’ve put together a little Basics of PPC that we hope will help answer both of these questions. 

What is Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising?

PPC advertising is used on search engines, online advertising networks, banner networks, and content websites and blogs.  Many businesses use these ads to persuade people to visit their website.  It consists of advertisers paying for the ad when a visitor clicks on the link to visit a website.  An advertisers only plays for the ad when someone clicks – therefore the ad is based on performance.

Instead of paying a flat fee each month to place ads on keyword search result pages, advertisers can keep advertising costs low by only paying when people click on their ad.  Bid amounts vary based on the keywords they want to use.

The goal is for the advertisement to be in the top spot.  This dramatically increases the chances of having someone click on the advertisement.  When paying for ads in search engines, advertisers should try to bid on keywords that they believe their target customer is going to type in during a online search bar.

PPC advertising is extremely simple and can deliver exceptional results when keywords are chosen wisely.  There is no point in paying for an ad that only gets the business a position 4 screens away from the initial search results page.  For this reason, businesses want to find keywords that are still searched but have little competition.

The main advantages of PPC are:

  • Cost – It’s takes very little to get started with PPC marketing efforts.  In addition, the budget is consumed by the clicks and leads your ad receives each month.
  • Speed – Most PPC campaigns are up and running in just a couple days.
  • Control – PPC partners (such as Evolving Interactive) work with with business control what online users see when they view an ad or click through to a website.
  • Targeted – Advertisers can easily focus on their target audience(s) by using the proper keywords and ad copy.
  • Measurement – PPC is easily measured.  Advertisers see real results quickly.

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