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So you’ve got a web home (your website) and have worked hard on making it SEO friendly. But you still need a boost in the online buzz department. Here’s a few easy, 30-minute or less tips to get you started.

Write a blog post
Websites used to be a home page and a series of jump and landing pages. They were an interconnected loop of relevant information that led to a specific result (usually a sale). Blogging has changed that; since you update it regularly (right?), you are constantly feeding the search engines new keywords giving them reason to rank you higher and give you more buzz.

Post a video on YouTube
Video is probably the quickest way to reach a broad audience, and YouTube is the biggest channel to broadcast it on. Popular videos are two things: engaging and informative. You want to give your viewer valuable information without putting them to sleep.

So play to your strengths. If you’re funny, be funny. If you love sports, slip a few references in there of your favorite team. Don’t shy away from who you are because you want sound a certain way. Authenticity is king on the web; be who you are and people will respond.

Tweet tweet with Twitter
A “real time

In order to get the maximum effect from your website, it needs to be search-engine friendly. So search engine optimization (SEO) is very important. When you type a word or phrase in a search engine, it scours the web to find sites with relevant content. Sites the search engine considers the most relevant – the one’s with content related to the search term – are listed at the top.

Notice how the emphasis in SEO is content and not graphics or flash. If you wanted your site to be an SEO shrine, you’d have a bunch of pages with only relevant phrases and words. Sure, that site would rank high, but the bounce rate would be outrageous. That’s why you need a balance between good design and relevant, keyword-heavy content with SEO writing.

Using keywords and keyword phrases is probably the most effective way to maximize SEO. The more keywords you use, the more search engines will recognize your site as relevant and you’ll be ranked higher. Another thing that increases SEO is link building; this not only builds traffic to your site (inbound links), it helps you make friends (outbound links) with relevant content. If they like your work, they’re most likely to link back to you.

Maximizing activity to your site can seem pretty daunting. Just keep in mind what’s most important – relevant content and links – and you’ll be slowly crawling to the top of those search results.

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